Wanita Adalah Rakyat (Women Are People) is a translation of women’s solidarity

Wanita Adalah Rakyat (Women Are People) is a translation of women’s solidarity

KUALA LUMPUR: In the construction of a nation’s civilization, no one can deny the role and commitment of women.

The group should be seen as part of the system that contributed to the success and glory of the civilization.

What’s more, in today’s era of modern world, the great services and contributions of these people must be shown and expressed as a sign of community gratitude to them.

Along with the celebration of World Women’s Day 2022 which is celebrated today, appreciation for women is expressed through a beautiful melody entitled Women Are the People.

Wanita Adalah Rakyat is a pop song that translates all solidarity and hope to women across the country.

Not just entertainment, on the contrary, this copy inserts reminders on the role of women in nation building, said the founder of the non -governmental organization, Women’s Movement, Empowerment and Revolution (POWER) and Executive Producer of Women Are the People, Datin Fazar Arif.

“In the creation of the song Wanita Adalah Rakyat, I was reminded of how women in Malaysia are still struggling to achieve the same status in the space they occupy,” said Fazar.

According to him, if Malaysia is serious about achieving developed country status, women who make up almost 50 percent of the population should be treated as partners in building our country.

Meanwhile, the co -creator of the song Wanita Adalah Rakyat, Anas Amdan said, his latest work is one of the efforts to invite the whole community to be aware of the pressures faced by women every day.

“As a man, husband and father, I want women to live in a safe environment,” said Anas who wrote the song with Takahara Suiko and Loca B.

Wanita Adalah Rakyat features a collaboration of famous art activists, Nikki Palikat, Kaka Azraf, Takahara Suiko, Loca B, Sharifah Amani and Fatimah Abu Bakar.

The work, which also features Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament, Nurul Izzah Anwar, was published by KGE Studio.

source – Astro Awani


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