The Palace Museum a new attraction in Hong Kong

The Palace Museum a new attraction in Hong Kong

HONG KONG: The Palace cultural museum in Hong Kong began opening to the public on Sunday.

More than 900 collections are on display at the museum, including some of the first private collections on display for visitors.

The opening was also in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong special administrative region’s return to Beijing on July 1.

The exhibition aims to promote the culture of the people of Hong Kong as well as the sharing of history with mainland China.

A total of 914 valuable historical relics from the forbidden city of Beijing are also on display thus making it the most scalable collection loan. large outside the mainland since the Prohibition City Cultural Museum was founded in 1925.

A special exhibition at the museum also features 13 valuable collections borrowed from the Louvre in Paris that indirectly reflect cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

Tickets to the museum range from 50 to 150 Hong Kong dollars.

source – Astro Awani

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