Proud heritage art is given a new lease of life, attracting the younger generation

Proud heritage art is given a new lease of life, attracting the younger generation

KOTA BHARU: The Malay community is no stranger to the traditional game of congkak, but there are some who still do not understand what congkak is and how it is played.

Lecturer and actor Arja Lee, 39, said that along with the development of technology, the way entertainment is delivered has also undergone changes to the point that this traditional game is also considered lonely.

“What I want, is that this heritage art can educate, bring people closer and increase people’s appreciation, especially for this congkak traditional game.

“It aims to introduce and bring closer and foster the interest of the younger generation in the traditional Malay game in our country,” he said in a Jom Main Congkak 1.0 event, which was held in Bachok colony, recently.

He added that the Jom Main Congkak program is the best alternative to attract the interest of children and the younger generation in order to make the traditional game of congkak a legacy that remains relevant.

“I want to bring the art of swagger to a higher level on par with modern games today.

“The objective of this program is to introduce children and the younger generation more closely so that they can experience the true fun and privilege of this game of pride.

“It can also increase the level of appreciation of children, the young generation and the outside community up close, especially on the uniqueness of this traditional congkak game and how a congkak board is produced,” he said.

According to Arja, by introducing the community out there to the specialties and uniqueness of traditional games of this new era, it will at once be able to produce a generation that is art literate.

In addition, it can also increase the appreciation of art among the local and international community regardless of age, race and religion.

“Congkak is a traditional game played by two players and both will sit facing each other.

“Before starting the game, players have to decide which direction to face the opponent. It is a very special game,” he said.

In the meantime, according to him, the program organized by his academy will be done in stages and continuously so that the young generation in Kelantan can dignify and preserve the existing history and heritage.

According to him, Arja Arts Academy is a learning academy that includes arts such as acting, dancing, singing and art activities.

It is not just an academy for the learning process only, but also educates future generations.

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