Nad Zainal can already speak

Nad Zainal can already speak

ACTOR Ungku Ismail shared the latest developments of Nad Zainal who showed many positive developments despite still being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of KPJ Ampang Puteri since last week.

According to Ungku, Nad is now no longer dependent on breathing aids and can speak even though his condition is still weak.

“Alhamdulillah day after day he shows a lot of positive development and her recovery process is also very good.

“She is no longer on a breathing tube, however she is still in the ICU. We pray that everything is easy and goes smoothly.

“Doctors will launch other procedures to make sure there is enough oxygen. Even now the oxygen is still wavering , sometimes it drops because this is only the first day to catch up with his own lungs.

“She can already speak, her voice is very small, hoarse, hard to hear. But in terms of movement, Nad can now hold the phone but cannot type because she is still weak.

“Later there will be physiotherapy, God willing. She has a slight fever, sometimes her body is hot. Her lungs can also expand again,” he explained.

Ungku said this through a video uploaded in his latest post on his Instagram account.

In the meantime, Ungku also hopes that the public will not speculate about Nad’s current situation.

“I beg you to stop speculating about what caused her illness.

“Long COVID, kidney problems, all these do not come out of the doctor’s mouth. This thing has to stop.

“As long as I was in the hospital and with the doctor, I was informed that it had nothing to do with what she ate.

“That’s enough, please. We don’t want this to become a cause of poverty and a threat,” he explained.

source – Gempak .

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