ModeAudio Integrates Soundation’s Beatmaker Into Their Website

ModeAudio Integrates Soundation’s Beatmaker Into Their Website

Soundation and ModeAudio have teamed up to make sample packs more available to everyone. Soundation integrates their DAW into ModeAudio’s pages, allowing producers to mix and manipulate samples before purchasing them, as they would in their native DAW after purchase. Soundation’s interface is similar to other desktop and browser DAWs, so producers will feel right at home as they test out samples from ModeAudio’s expansive library.

On the ModeAudio site, producers simply find a sample pack they like, and click a button to launch a window with a predesigned pattern in Soundation’s DAW. Here, producers can listen to and mix the samples – to truly test out packs they are interested in. Soundation will initially be integrated into five ModeAudio sample packs, with more likely to come.

“We’ve long wished to allow our visitors to try out our drum samples, in-browser, before deciding if a pack is right for them, which our Soundation integration makes entirely possible,” says Niall McCallum, Director at “Beatmaker is an exciting tool that opens up our sample packs to users for an instant taste of their singular percussive firepower!”

ModeAudio has used Soundation’s new instrument, Beatmaker, to load a beat pattern based on their packs and show the pack samples in a sidebar. Beatmaker works with producers at all experience levels. From the budding musician turned producer, to the experienced engineer, Soundation is simple to pick up, or expand on skills. Beatmaker simplifies creating a beat through an interface that turns sounds into blocks. Users simply tap a block to add the sound, and manipulate other sounds to their liking. Samples, including those purchased through ModeAudio, can be uploaded for a smooth mixing experience.

“This is a great milestone for music tech companies offering samples and plugins, as integrating a DAW expands the customer experience for producers and musicians,” says Soundation CEO Adam Hasslert. “Experimenting with sound is the first step to audio production, and we have made it easier to get customers started with this as they test new samples. Now any site can get their own DAW supported by Soundation.”

Companies can customize how Soundation’s DAW will work on their site or app. They can decide what region to load with which instrument, what sample packs to show the sidebar, and much more. They can even design custom product tours for each use case. Users then drag in their own samples, loops, and midi to test the samples before making a purchase decision.

Check out these ModeAudio sample packs: Crush LoFi Drum Samples, Metalwork Found Percussion Samples, and Vinyl Drums Vintage Drum Samples.

About Soundation
Every month, Soundation’s online music studio is used by over 100,000 creatives each month who produce music directly in their web browsers. Focusing on building the next-generation music software for newcoming music producers with high ambitions, Soundation offers a one-stop shop, including a multiplayer DAW, a vibrant online community, and learning tools. The company’s mission is to facilitate musical creativity around the world. Soundation is headquartered in Stockholm.

About ModeAudio
ModeAudio aims to deliver audio tools that sound incredible, are available instantly and that will integrate seamlessly with your favourite music software. To cut swiftly to the chase, as music producers and sound designers ourselves we really only care about sound quality and ease of use. To this end, we’ve packed as much of our musical and technical knowledge into each and every one of our packs as humanly possible – we hope our passion and dedication will be plain to hear and see. If a sound or preset of ours helps to inspire your music, then we’ll consider our job done.

To borrow an age-old but genuinely felt cliche, we hope you enjoy using the sounds as much as we did making them!

source – Music Instrument News

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