Ernie Zakri gave birth to her first child

Ernie Zakri gave birth to her first child

A COUPLE of popular singers, Ernie Zakri and Syamel celebrated the birth of their first child at 10.14 this morning.

Through a post made on Instagram, Syamel expressed his gratitude and asked fans to pray for the health and well -being of his children and wife.

“Thank God, the love of mother and daddy was born at 10.14 this morning. Happy daddy remember birthday, 22.02.2022.

“Pray for the health of the pious children of Bangmel and Kak Ninie (nickname Ernie Zakri) and may they both be in good condition and always in His grace,” wrote Syamel.

Although Syamel and Ernie shared photos, however, the two still kept their gender and baby name secret.

Through the comments section, many of the artist’s friends expressed their congratulations to the couple.

“Congratulations Syamel .. looking forward to meet Cucuku …” said the famous singer, Anuar Zain who is also Ernie’s uncle.

“Alhamdulillah… congratulations… oh God he growled looking at the baby’s hand. White hanging out, chubby gera! ” wrote the singer Shiha Zikir.

“Alhamdulillah, thank God, I hope to be a glorious share of the hereafter,” said popular lawyer, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya.

Syamel and Ernie started dating after being involved in Astro’s Duo Star program in 2017.

The couple then got married on March 26 last year at the Puncak Alam Mosque, Selangor.


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