‘One Bosnian support’ – SA.YA gets support from outside fans?

‘One Bosnian support’ – SA.YA gets support from outside fans?

THE POPULARITY of the SA.YA group, the pairing of Saiful Apek and Yassin, sees his style not only in Malaysia, but also has ‘flown’ to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Through a post uploaded on Instagram Apek recently, a Bosnia-Herzegovina fan appeared to give words of encouragement for the eight-star Gegar Vaganza (GV8).

“Do your best don’t give up, keep fighting.

“One Bosnian supports SA.YA,” he said.

Through the transmission, Apek or his real name is Mohd Saifulazam Mohammad Yusoff also expressed his gratitude and thanks when receiving support from fans from the country.

“More video submissions from Bosnian supporters for the SA.YA group. Thank you,” he said.

You can see the post at the end of this article.

For the record, at the seventh week concert performance that took place last Sunday, SA.YA performed the song “Blue Jacket Patrol” sung by Wings.

However, luck was not on the side of the group when they received a score of 54%.

Just for info, rock singer Bandi Amuk became the fourth star of Gegar Vaganza 8 (GV8) to be eliminated in the seventh week concert which took place last Sunday.

Bandi got a score of 53.8% failing to continue the fight in the week with only three concerts left.


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