Add value to tourism products in Merlimau in preparation for the Year of Visiting Melaka 2024

Add value to tourism products in Merlimau in preparation for the Year of Visiting Melaka 2024

JASIN: The facilities and infrastructure in the Merlimau area will be beautified and upgraded in an effort to add value to tourism products in the state in preparation for becoming one of the main tourist destinations in conjunction with the Year of Visiting Melaka 2024.

Merlimau State Assembly Member Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh said the efforts made could indirectly popularize Merlimau as a small town in the Jasin district which is the gateway to Melaka from the south.

“Among them the Merlimau Bercahaya project in Orang Kampung Square which was upgraded with the installation of colorful decorative lights and its uniqueness is seen to be able to make it a new attraction for tourists in the southern gate area.

“This project has been worked on through the local authorities involving three lighting components at Dataran Orang Kampung, the Merlimau entrance road and the old building of Merlimau town,” he told reporters here last night.

Earlier, he accompanied Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali to complete the inauguration of Merlimau Bercahaya and Merlimau Berpeluh 5.0.

Commenting further, Muhamad Akmal, who is also the State Exco for Health and Anti-Drugs, said the state’s first ‘skateboard’ sports court is also under construction.

He said that the project near Dataran Orang Kampung involving an allocation of RM315,000 from the Federal government is expected to be completed by the end of next month and will turn the area into a major leisure spot.

“In addition, we are also developing the MyMerlimau application to make it easier for visitors to see and choose tourist spots and interesting places to eat there.

“In the Merlimau state assembly area there are many historic and interesting places such as Penghulu Natar’s house, Tun Teja’s tomb, the Portuguese well, the beach area and so on besides the Melaka spicy and sour shops that can be highlighted,” he said.

Muhamad Akmal said that the vigorous tourism activity in Merlimau was seen to provide an abundance of sustenance to traders thus improving the economic standard of the population.

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