Zurina Waji: overcoming tragedies and serving humanity

Zurina Waji: overcoming tragedies and serving humanity

Day to honour silent heroes who put their lives on the line to help those in crisis

WORLD Humanitarian Day has been commemorated globally since it was first established by the United Nations on August 19 in 2009 to recognise individuals who dedicated their lives working for humanitarian causes.

It is also a day to remind us that these silent heroes are the ‘tools’ that make the lives of the displaced and dispossessed much easier and safer. These people put their lives on the line to help those affected during any global crisis.

The Vibes speaks to Zurina Waji, a media practitioner of over three decades who dedicated her life’s work to being involved in a non-governmental organisation known as the Karisma Humanitarian Outreach Mission (KHOM).

The NGO focuses on sustainable projects to assist vulnerable communities to inspire hope and help alleviate the suffering of victims struck by war, poverty, and natural disasters.

“I pursued a career in journalism so I could write about people. Interactions with those in dire circumstances gives me an inner sight to what is happening all around us.

“I just like to know things; I like to observe, and I do that a lot.

“So, between journalism and humanitarian work, there’s not that much difference because it’s still about people, it’s about relationships,” she said.

Zurina, who has been involved in KHOM for the past couple of years, has had the opportunity to assist in several war zones, her latest trip being to Lebanon.

“Lebanon is facing a financial crisis – the worst, number one in the world. Their people are suffering badly, and the prices of their essentials fluctuate each day.

Nevertheless, according to Zurina, despite the extreme hardship the people are facing there, they are still very determined to make a better life for themselves and are grateful with what they have.

On why she opted for such sacrifice during her spare time instead of having a conventional lifestyle, Zurina expressed that she had faced several challenges in her life which led her to fully commit to serving others.

Despite these personal tragedies, Zurina is far from broken or disheartened. She has found that these trials and tribulations have given her more empathy, tolerance, and a generosity of spirit.

“Always be grateful. That is the key to everything. If you are grateful for everything that you have now, rather than think back on what you’ve missed or what you’re supposed to get. Instead, enjoy the present moment – it will do good for you. It’s as simple as that,” she said.

source – The Vibes


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