Zulin Aziz is officially Farhan’s wife

Zulin Aziz is officially Farhan’s wife

KUALA LUMPUR: The feeling of gratitude is unceasingly extended by the famous personality, Zulin Aziz after legally becoming the wife of Farhan Norzaini this morning.

This is because, he has been through a painful phase while looking for true love in his life.

However, Farhan’s presence two years ago gave him confidence that God’s plan is the best for His people.

Therefore, Zulin prays that the union of his heart with Farhan on 20.2.2022 will be facilitated by the Almighty.

“I’ve often been depicted with true love so far. Likewise with the happy fantasy world of Disney cartoons between two cartoon characters.

“But before the two cartoon characters were united, various allegations were also encountered. In the real world as well, I myself went through bitterness in finding true love.

“The presence of my husband two years ago was like a magic that changed the perception that the prolonged hot drought ended with the presence of a rainbow after rain. Late last year while doing umrah, he proposed to me in Madinah,” said Zulin as soon as he was united as wife to Farhan at the National Mosque today.

With just one word, Zulin Aziz, 33, is Farhan, 35, who is also his business partner.

The couple’s marriage ceremony took place in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the National Security Council (MKN) and the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Religious Department (JAWI).

The bride and groom are allowed to take care of the bride’s brother, Shah Rezza Abdul Aziz.

They were married by the Chief Imam of the National Mosque, Ustaz Ehsan Mohd. Hosni.

At the ceremony, Zulin or her real name, Farah Azleenda Abdul Aziz received a remittance of RM30,000.

The groom also handed over a dowry of RM80 and five delivery trays in return for seven from the bride.

Sharing more about the fate of his mate, Zulin described Farhan’s sincerity and nobility as the anchor of his heart.

“He is a responsible person and good at taking the heart of the family. He is also a loyal listener. I am comfortable with him and can express anything to him.

“There are no secrets between us. He accepted me as I was when I was pregnant and has now managed to lose weight. I believe he is the one who will guide me to the path of peace and be the father of our future children, God willing,” he said.

Talking about child planning and honeymoon, Zulin said she and her husband have not been able to give a final word and are open to accepting any future sustenance.

“As for the light of the eyes, both my husband and I just accept the sustenance that God has given. I am seven years old and I want to turn 40 years old.

“My husband and I are lucky to work in the same field, the Sambal Tujuh business. So while working, find out where you can go on your honeymoon. The plan is like going to Turkey, but the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic is also worrying. There is no decision yet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Farhan or his real name, Mohd Farhan Norzaini, thinks that his wife has a sincere and sincere heart and is good at taking the heart of her family.

“Alhamdulillah, thank God for uniting us after two years of knowing each other, starting as friends, then making love and now being husband and wife.

“Feelings are mixed for this reason between wishes and prayers from the deceased mother, friends and all who know us.

“Each of us has been through a phase of disappointment, ups and downs in life and relationships. He was with me during the darkest moment in life, when he lost his mother in October last year.

“That’s when I knew this woman was the one I wanted to live with. In fact, my late mother once told me if I wanted to choose a wife, choose a woman who could take care of me like the deceased took care of me. And Zulin has the complete characteristics of all that,” shared Farhan.

Zulin and Farhan will be celebrated in a reception at the event premises, Magica Grand Hall, Shah Alam with designer Ezuwan Ismail in charge of preparing the couple’s costume.

The couple also previously got engaged on January 28.

-Astro Awani

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