Zoom unveils the B6 Multi-Effects Bass Processor

Zoom unveils the B6 Multi-Effects Bass Processor

Zoom is delighted to announce the B6 Multi-Effects Bass Processor.

The new Zoom B6 features Zoom’s ultimate FX processor technology with amp modeling, unique DI box modeling and 88.2 Khz sampling frequency. The B6 is an integrated pedalboard with 9 footswitches and a 4.3-inch color touchscreen with easy-to-use app-based technology, that lets you drag, drop and swipe your way to new sounds, allowing you to create effects chains with up to six effects + amp emulation, and even load your own impulse responses for speaker simulation.

The two inputs with variable impedance let’s you connect electric (active or passive) and acoustic basses simultaniously, as they can be seamlessly switched via the integrated A/B switcher for quick instrument changes. Developed in collaboration with renowned bassists, the new DI output offers a choice of two of the most popular tube and two of the most popular transistor DI boxes. 68 internal rhythm patterns, the new looper with up to 2h recording time and the integrated USB audio interface make the B6 the perfect partner for practicing, recording and on stage. The B6 will be shipping in Q4 2021.

B6 Features

*4 DI outputs; 2 tube and 2 solid state models
*Integrated A/B switcher for seamless instrument switching
*Ultimate Zoom FX processor technology with amp modeling
*IR load function for speaker cabinet simulation
*Integrated pedal board with 9 stomp switcher
*4.3˝ color LCD touch-screen interface
*Chain up to 6 effects (including amp emulation)
*Two variable-impedance inputs for use with Active or passive, electric and acoustic bass
*New Play Mode Footswitch provides instant access to different play modes
*Easy-to-see backlit panel with color-coded stomp effects
*Built-in USB audio interface (2-in / 2-out)
*Rhythm patterns and looper
*Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab
*Wireless control via optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1) with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app
*Accessibility functionality for the visually impaired with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app


Here’s what comes included with the B6:

*B6 Multi-Effects Processor
*Zoom AD-16 AC Adapter
*Quick Tour
*Optional accessories:
*FP02M expression pedal
*BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter

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