Zildjian Raw Crash Cymbals Review

Here’s a new review from the team at our sister-site Drummer’s Review featuring a pair of Zildjian Raw Crash Cymbals, featuring…

Raw, un-trimmed, un-lathed, non-circular finish/construction,
Small Bell & Large Bell models available,
20″ – 23″ diameter (roughly),
Advertised as either a crash or alternative ride,
No two cymbals produced to sound the same.

Zildjian says…”Raw Crashes are some of the most unrefined and funky cymbals we’ve ever produced! Each Raw Crash starts from Zildjian’s secret alloy and is rolled, tempered, cupped and sandblasted for a sound and look that’s unlike any other cymbal. Raw crashes are untrimmed – roughly 20” – 23” in diameter, and irregular in shape – making each Raw Crash a truly unique instrument.

The small bell version of the Raw Crash delivers a controlled and dry sound. The large bell Raw Crash opens up very quickly with an explosive crash, but is dry enough that it shuts down and gets out of the way very quickly. The Raw Crash is also a great choice for an alternate ride cymbal. Its dry qualities produce good stick definition that cuts nicely over an underlying, funky growl..”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Zildjian Raw Crash Cymbals – UK RRP: Small Bell – £289.00, Large Bell – £329.00



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