Zee Avi married a Japanese man

Zee Avi married a Japanese man

Sarawak -born singer, Zee Avi has confirmed that she is safely married to a Japanese -born man, Kenji Matano.

“Yes, I am married to Kenji Matano on November 22, 2021,” he told Gempak .

The couple’s wedding ceremony was held at a surau in Ampang on Monday.

Zee Avi wearing a modern white baju kurung complete with a shawl with henna on her fingers spread on social media.

Her husband Kenji also looks smart in a complete white Malay shirt with a side and a sangkok.

She also shared a video showing the ring on her ring finger.

Earlier, through Instagram Stories, Zee Avi or real name Izyan Alirahman, 35, uploaded a short video stating that something will happen today.

” Today is the day ,” he said, who also shared a question and answer session box with his followers, asking them to guess what he meant.

Zee Avi who made a name in the United States around 2005 was previously popular through the song “Kantoi” and is synonymous with the talent of playing the ukulele.

She is the first Malaysian female singer to make a name for herself in the Billboard Hot 200 Albums and Billboard (Heatseekers Album) charts.

-Astro Awani

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