Zarina Anjolie is now engaged to Datuk Seri Khazrul Elzey

Zarina Anjolie is now engaged to Datuk Seri Khazrul Elzey

RECENTLY, actress Zarina Anjoulie happily tied the knot with her boyfriend, Datuk Seri Khazrul Elzey.

In fact, the happy moment was also shared by both couples through their respective social media platforms.

In addition to the ring ceremony, what caught the attention of netizens was the way the couple’s engagement ceremony took place.

The average admires Zarina or is more friendly with this call of Anju for not doing a big party but choosing to be modest despite being able.

Among the comments received:

“It’s simple but still nice… Congratulations to Anju and the couple, may everything be made easier,”

“Even though he’s rich but not pretentious, his engagement ceremony is simple, I like to see it”

“Congratulations Anju and partner. Alhamdulillah I like to see the simplicity of the ceremony that Anju chose,”.

In the meantime, netizens also praised Anju who looked so sweet wearing a hijab.

“Alhamdulillah… Congratulations Anju, sweet veiled, may you find happiness in the afterlife,”

“Anju has an Arab face, if she wears a hijab she is beautiful MashaAllah,”

“I like to see Anju wearing a hijab. May all affairs be made easier and marriages last forever. Amen,”

“Congratulations Anju, love to see her veiled. Women, when they get the right man, will definitely change for the better,”

Previously, Anju previously announced that she would set up a household on the next Mac.


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