Zalina’s family worried about her whereabouts: Ras Adiba

Zalina’s family worried about her whereabouts: Ras Adiba

Police confirm that two individuals found in Shah Alam, Sentul not the missing woman, says senator

PUTRAJAYA – The family of former TV personality Zalina Shaharah Azman is worried about her whereabouts after she was reported missing in November last year, Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) chairman Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi said.

Ras Adiba said in her meeting with Zalina’s family members at the police station in Shah Alam yesterday, they expressed their anguish, given that until now, there was no clear indication of her whereabouts.

“I had the opportunity to meet her son and her brother whom I have known for a long time and they are looking for her too. Like us, they pray and recite Yassin so that God may ease our affairs.

“Both her children are worried about their mother. Being clueless as to her whereabouts makes it worse,” she told the media when met at the closing ceremony of the Anti-Corruption with the Deaf Community Programme organised by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission here today.

Ras Adiba, who is also OKU Sentral president, said she went to the police station in Shah Alam after getting news that two women who resembled her friend were there.

“Having met and spoken personally with them, I just knew they were not who the public had claimed them to be.

“We have seen the video, we have seen the photo and identification card and their fingerprints. Police have already confirmed that the two individuals found in Shah Alam and Sentul are not Zalina,” she said.

Asked why it took so long to announce Zalina’s disappearance, Ras Adiba said the police had made the announcement last year but only a few people knew because of the use of the personality’s full name.

She said it was first publicised last year using the full name of Zalina Shaharah Azman and the picture used was not clear enough for people to recognise her.

“Even my cousin Haliza Hashim-Doyle, TV3’s broadcast journalist based in London, contacted me to ask if the missing person in the news was Zalina Azman.

“Once it was confirmed, I blasted out to everyone to inform the public and our friends of her disappearance,” she said.

In the meantime, Ras Adiba also asked the public not to make any speculations regarding Zalina’s disappearance but rather to search for the woman together.

“I am grateful that everyone is so concerned, but I also ask them to take pictures or videos so that we know where the location is and if the person is our friend.

“Everybody, I need your help to look for her, if you see her or if you know anything about her, do please tell me,” she said, adding that she would keep looking for Zalina no matter how long or how far it takes.

Ras Adiba is optimistic that Zalina is still alive.

The police received a missing person report from her son Mikhael Norman, 33, on November 29 last year, who tried to contact her since November 24, 2021 to inform her that his grandfather had been admitted to hospital.

source – Bernama

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