You can gimmick but don’t underestimate the dignity of an artist – Black

IF you want to find new talent, choose the one that is really quality.

That is also what Black Hanifah, 35, emphasized when looking at one by one the ‘incidents’ that are happening to the industry at this time.

He understands everyone wants to do gimmicks to launch their own products but in choosing what to do, various things need to be taken into account basically.

“We understand, gimmicks are good for launching songs, products and so on. But if possible, don’t lower our dignity as artists.

“If you want to do anything, you have to think good and bad. Those who watch are not only us as locals but also outsiders.

“We should be ashamed of what we did,” he said.

Adds Black, to find new talent is not a difficult thing given that there are still many people out there looking for a place to shine.

“It is those who are truly talented who must be helped to provide space and a platform to develop their potential in order to raise the quality of the country’s art industry.

“Finding a singer is not a difficult job. We have a lot of new talent consisting of great buskers who are by the roadside and so on.

“If you really want to find good talent and content, just take them. I think it’s better and will get a positive reaction from everyone.

“If you want to find content , choose the dignified one,” he said, who had just launched a new song last week.

The song “Hanya Aku Yang Mencari” was officially launched on February 11 on all digital platforms while the music video (MV) will be officially broadcast on Friday, 8.44 pm via YouTube Nyawa Black TV.

Interestingly, since launching the song last week, the feedback received has been quite positive from fans who have been waiting for his latest piece for a long time.

“To be a singer, I have to be relevant to the industry. I myself have to follow the trend and continue to maintain the quality to be well received by the listeners.

“This time, I’m happy to still be able to work with Ajai for this song.

“He knows where my shortcomings and strengths are and that further simplifies the process of recording this song,” Black added.

Most remembered when he had to do the re -recording process as there were some parts of the song that seemed to go wrong with his voice.

“Abang Ajai really cares about the recording process. Even though the song is ready, when there is a part that doesn’t fit his ears, he has to re -record it.

“I don’t mind if I have to go through the re -recording process. As long as the end result will be better, I’m okay,” he said, using the Kuala Selangor location as the main location of the MV.

For the record, “Hanya Aku Yang Mencari” is a publication of the Creative Arts Initiative (ISK) in collaboration with Wake The Baby and the song is distributed by Indigital Music.


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