“Yesterday looked healthy”, just confirmed COVID-19, AG Azmeer’s father died

“Yesterday looked healthy”, just confirmed COVID-19, AG Azmeer’s father died

RADIO PRESENTER, AG Azmeer was shocked to learn that his father, Selamat Ipan died while sleeping, at about three o’clock this morning due to COVID-19.

AG Azmeer or his real name, Muhammad Azmir Selamat said, the deceased who just celebrated his 76th birthday on February 2, breathed his last at his residence in Johor Bahru, Johor.

“I got to know the deceased father was positive for COVID-19, yesterday. The family took the deceased to the clinic for further examination.

“Yesterday evening I still had the opportunity to make a video call with the deceased to take note of his health progress.

“At that time, the deceased looked healthy as if there was nothing suspicious. This morning, I was woken up by a call from the village, my father was gone,” he told BH Online .

Most sadly, AG did not expect the deceased’s birthday earlier this month, to be the last celebration for him.

“At that time, my wife and five children and I returned to Johor Bahru to celebrate my father’s birthday.

“My wife managed to cook her favorite dish, kuah dal,” he said.

AG Azmeer said his late father was a former Deputy Director, Johor Road Transport Department (JPJ).

“The deceased is very friendly, hospitable, kind and well -liked by people.

“If the name of Haji Selamat JPJ is mentioned, people must know,” he said, who is still waiting for the details of his father’s funeral.

The late Selamat left a widow, two children and seven grandchildren.


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