‘Yes, I’m married’ – Syafiq Farhain

‘Yes, I’m married’ – Syafiq Farhain

SINGER Syafiq Farhain has finally confirmed that he is married to his manager.

However, Syafiq did not reveal the date of his wedding.

According to Syafiq or real name Nursyafiq Farhain, he never kept the news of their wedding secret.

“Yes I am married… I don’t keep it a secret but who knows he knows.

“If anyone asks me about my status, I will answer honestly that I am married,” he told Gempak.

Syafiq was found at a breaking of fast ceremony organized by the management company MVM and RUSA MUSIC located in Puchong just now.

Asked about his wife, Syafiq said they were friends from the village.

“We are actually friends from the village. We got to know each other before I became an artist again.

“Honestly, I don’t think about the declining popularity, but to some extent it has an impact on my career.

“I actually planned to announce my wedding in a ceremony but it didn’t seem to be successful,” he said.

Earlier, Syafiq triggered a question mark after rumors about his marital status were sniffed by netizens.

source – Gempak


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