Yamaha DTX10K-X eKit Review

Here’s a review from sister site Drummer’s Review of the Yamaha DTX10K-X eKit, featuring…


12″ snare pad,
2 x 10″ tom pads,
12″ floor tom pad,
12″ bass drum pad,
all tom/snare/bass drum pads featuring short birch shells in Black Forrest finish,
toms/snare feature Yamaha TCS silicone heads,
13″ dual-zone hi-hat pad,
13″ & 15″ triple-zone crash cymbals,
17″ triple-zone ride cymbal
Yamaha Hex-Rack, tom arms & cymbal arms,
single-braced hi-hat & snare stand included.

Yamaha DTX PRO-X
733 on-board sounds with option to upload 1000 user samples,
70 pre-set kits & 200 user patches,
ambience, compression and EFX,
comprehensive on-board click feature,
Live-Set feature, on-board training & much more.

14 pad inputs,
8 dedicated outputs,
stereo outputs,
Midi in/out,
aux in,
headphone out,
Yamaha says…“DTX flagship model that boasts the beauty of real drums. The DTX10 series is the flagship of the DTX lineup, combining the functionality of electronic drums with the sheer beauty of their acoustic counterparts. Featuring real drum sounds and real room ambience recorded in world renowned studios, playability that allows you to create sounds intuitively, inspiring feel and expressiveness, and the true beauty of real birch shells with the same finishes used on acoustic drums, the DTX10 series was born from the technology and sensibilities that Yamaha has cultivated over its many years of crafting drums.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Yamaha DTX10K-X: £4000.00 (estimated street price)


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