XPDC will shake MAEPS for the second time

XPDC will shake MAEPS for the second time

After the ‘Metal Legend’ concert with Cromok 2018 successfully attracted tens of thousands of fans, the country’s leading heavy metal band XPDC once again wants to repeat it this May.

However, this time XPDC did not team up with Cromok but with the Khalifah group on May 7, 2023.

According to his manager Bro Yazid, this performance also promises a twist that will be featured with the Khalifah.

‘This is a concert in conjunction with the Sound Valley Festival 2023 held by the organizers for several days.

“The organizers also invited several other prominent artists, but XPDC will be combined with Khalifah on May 7,” he said when met on Sunday.

According to him, as usual XPDC will present their most popular songs to the fans present on the night.

“We know that the celebration in 2018 was the biggest and we hope that the fans will be able to repeat it at the show that night later.

“This is the first big concert after Muslims celebrate Aidilfitri from XPDC,” he added.

Touching on the health of vocalist Mael, Yazid said, his health is in good condition.

In fact, it is clear that XPDC has also held several performances and concerts since the beginning of 2023 without any problems.

“We always monitor his health level and for now he is very healthy and can sing for two hours without any problem.

“Thank you also to all XPDC fans who are always concerned and give continuous support to him and XPDC.

Fans of both groups can get tickets for the show online as specified by the organizers.


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