Writer, actor Jit Murad passed away

Writer, actor Jit Murad passed away

KUALA LUMPUR: Well -known writer, theater and film actor, Jit Murad was reported to have died on Saturday at the age of 62.
The news of the passing of the late or his real name, Aziz Mirzan, was confirmed by some close friends of the late.
So far, the exact cause of the deceased’s death has not been identified.

The late who is the son of the former Director General of Education Malaysia, the late Tan Sri Murad Mohamed Noor became active in film, television and theater in 1987.
He is also the brother of the film’s producer, Na’a Murad.

The late who was born in Kuala Lumpur has an education in Sociology (Urban Studies) and a Master’s Degree in Art History.
Throughout his career, the late was revered as a dedicated and dynamic writer, actor and theater producer.
He is also known as a prolific writer in Southeast Asia after successfully producing several contemporary manuscripts that have won several awards including the Cameronian Boh Awards.
He has worked with several big names from the Malaysian creative industry including Datuk Krishen Jit, Datuk Zahim Albakri and Jo Kukathas.
He has starred in films, “Selubung”, “Mimpi Moon”, “Talentime” and 1957: Hati Malaya.
Meanwhile, Chinese-English actress Susan Lankester described the late as a very talented, charming and intelligent artist.
Susan also uploaded a picture with the caption ‘off you go Jit’ on her Instagram page today.

At the same time, Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Fahmi Fadzil in an update on Twitter also expressed his condolences on the passing of the late.

So far, Astro AWANI is still getting the latest developments regarding the passing of the late.
It is understood that the deceased’s body is currently at the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) and will be buried tomorrow (Sunday).

-Astro Awani

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