Wow! Prosperous Gold offers Rahmah’s Ring in conjunction with Aidilfitri

Wow! Prosperous Gold offers Rahmah’s Ring in conjunction with Aidilfitri

In order to ensure that all layers of society who are less capable have packaging goods on this holiday, Makmur Gold is willing to fulfill their dream of continuing the Rahmah Ring package.

This affordable Rahmah ring starts at as low as RM 499 and will go on sale in the month of Ramadan.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Makmur Gold, Mohd Faizuddin Che Mahmood, this Rahmah Ring package is offered to anyone in conjunction with Hari Raya which will be celebrated soon.

“I started to introduce the Ring of Mercy package according to the current situation. In an unfavorable economic situation, there are some people who cannot afford to buy gold to style it for the holidays.

“Not wanting to leave customers empty, Makmur Gold took this initiative so they can style Ring Rahmah which is more affordable than other gold shops,” he said.

At the same time, Faizuddin said that Rahmah’s ring was still of good quality and had a beautiful design.

“Maybe some will think that this Rahmah Ring is not as good as the more expensive rings. But that assumption is wrong because Rahmah’s Ring is indeed of high quality and the design meets the taste of many people.

“The various designs and shapes that we provide are in line with today’s trends where Rahmah’s Ring designs are trendy,” he said.

Gold as refining

It is undeniable that buying gold has many benefits, one of which is as a long-term investment.

“The immersion comes in various ways. One of the popular refining tools is gold. This is because gold has value in the long term and will always increase.

“The value of gold 10 years ago was different from now. Much increase in the value of gold itself. For example, 10 years ago, in 2013, the value of gold was RM166 per gram, whereas today it can break RM300 per gram.

“If there is a need or emergency, it can be used because the price of gold always goes up. For example, fees for children continuing to study at universities or colleges,” he said.

At the same time, gold may also be used as a short-term investment tool.

“An example is through a gold buying and selling business, in which gold is bought from the producer (refinery) and sold to the end user. This is the business run by the gold shops. At Makmur Gold, we provide a platform for people to become gold entrepreneurs,” he said.

New actor Dira Diandra is now the face of Makmur Gold.

People of all ages are encouraged to get involved in the gold trade because it is not detrimental.

“At Makmur Gold we have a Makmur Gold Entrepreneur platform where you can join the Makmur Malaysia Berhad Cooperative and continue to qualify you to become a Gold Entrepreneur.

“Continuing on this platform, entrepreneurs will receive a RM10 discount commission for one gram of gold and may register as many customers as possible under their care,” he explained.

He added, being a Makmur Gold Entrepreneur has many advantages and one of the requirements is that a person needs to become a member of the Makmur Malaysia Berhad Cooperative with capital as low as RM1,000.

“If you become a member of a cooperative, you will get gold at a low price. You are not only a businessman, you are also eligible to receive dividends. Previously, we gave dividends as much as eight percent to 18 percent,” he explained, more specifically, his expertise as a gold entrepreneur has no age limit and will continue to receive dividends whether they are still active or not.

Sharia compliant, cheap gold, free wages

The advantages of having its own gold refinery allow Makmur Gold to meet the criteria for cheap gold slogans, free wages and sharia compliance.

That’s not all, Makmur Gold now has 12 branches across Malaysia and is targeting 30 branches within five years.

MAKMUR Gold has its own gold refinery in Gebeng, Pahang.

Faizuddin said, these three slogans have made Makmur Gold always the number one choice of society.

“Cheap gold refers to the price of gold that we offer, which is cheaper than other gold shops. If seen, offer like this nowhere else.

“Likewise with the free wages that we offer. We make gold using our own gold refineries instead of ‘importing’ gold from other refineries. Everything we do ourselves. So there is no question of free wages.

“With regard to sharia compliance, Makmur Gold received a certificate from the Malaysia Berhad National Cooperative Force (ANGKASA). This means that Makmur Gold has been signed as a company that carries out sharia-compliant gold trading,” he added.

Crowds are encouraged to visit the Makmur Gold gold shop at Presint 15, Putrajaya. For further information, please call on line 09-513 0640 or follow Instagram @makmurgoldoffocial and sesawang page

source – wilayahku

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