Works of art can be a means of fusion of races

Works of art can be a means of fusion of races

KUALA LUMPUR: Works of art can be used as a vehicle for the unification of races in the country towards a civilized Malaysia, said the Minister of National Unity, Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang.

He said that good art can bring together all levels of society to enjoy the work produced, especially if it carries a message of unity and nationalism.

“Art is a way if we see when artists from different races and ethnic groups come together in a program like this, it’s one way to fuel unity.

“Civilized means civilized…we want to take it to a higher level, because there is still much we need to improve in the community in terms of skills, sustainability, trust and respect as we move towards a civilized society,” he said.

He said this to reporters after opening the ‘Unity’ art exhibition at Shoppes Four Seasons Place, here, on Thursday.

The unity-themed art exhibition runs until Feb 15, giving local artists including disabled artists, children and expats the opportunity to showcase their work to the public and interested buyers.

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