Words, Music, Delivery…Tyler Okun Releases “Evermore” The Next Rock Anthem

Words, Music, Delivery…Tyler Okun Releases “Evermore” The Next Rock Anthem

NEW YORK, March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tyler Okun packed his bags and landed in the Big Apple to make his mark in the music industry. Since 2018, from his hometown of Buffalo, he has worked endlessly perfecting his craft, churning out numerous singles, an EP and a full-length album. All produced a theme from Tyler that employed uniqueness in writing, producing, and singing covering many genres. All from his personal stories with words that so many have related to. Now on March 3rd he releases to all music platforms a single called “Evermore” that when you hear it, will be surely in line to be the next Rock Anthem.

Listen to Evermore right now here:

Tyler tells us, “I love performing and being here in the Big Apple allows me to be right where I need to be to show my talents.”

Tyler has been recently performing live at venues such as Berlin Under A and Manhattan’s Apple Fest.

For his new release he is having an “Evermore” release party on March 3rd at 9pm Est, performing “Evermore” for the first time at the Popular Delancey NYC.

Justyn W. Brodsky from Artist Reach wrote this about Tyler’s last EP “The City.” “Tyler Okun comes out to the forefront with unwavering talent behind the mic and gives it all without any reservations.”

Listen to Tyler’s music and you will hear his anthemic and powerful vocal performances that feature complex but catchy instrumentation. Tyler tells us, “This song is very emotional for me. ‘Evermore’ is from a personal mental health struggle in my life where I was laying at the front door with paramedics working on me. I did not see them…I saw demons. I knew I was in for the fight of my life. ‘Evermore’ portrays my battle. Now complete, it’s been a culmination of countless hours in the studio writing, recording, and producing to create a musical rollercoaster that expands on what rock music is and can be.”

From all perspectives, Tyler strives to create a positive impact on the world through his message in his music and hopes to give others the strength to persevere through any personal battle they may be facing.

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SOURCE – Tyler Okun


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