With big names, Amin Haridz is excited to wait for Rock Until Jannah

With big names, Amin Haridz is excited to wait for Rock Until Jannah

The feeling of excitement was first felt by the new actor who wanted to be recognized by the name Amin Haridz when one by one the scripts of his play began to be received by the crowd.

For the 27-year-old actor, he is happy to receive feedback from fans, especially those closest to him, who always give positive feedback for every work he does.

“It’s a different feeling when you get a positive response from the fans watching. There are those who like it and there are also those who give feedback on the opposite.

“But I just accept that their response is whether it’s good or not. It is used as a sign that they watch and appreciate my plays,” said Amin Haridz again.

Since working in the field of acting, Amin has been involved in several drama scripts including Hari Raya, Nur Muhammad’s Heaven, Cikgu Nerd and Rentap.

This time, the child born in Pahang will appear with the telefilm Rock Until Jannah, which will be broadcast this Tuesday at 9 pm via TV2.

He added that he was happy to be joining forces with Afieq Shazwan, Sharul Kamal and Ayie Ilham in a story that will attract the attention of the audience.

“Indeed, this is one of the telefilms that we have been waiting for because the storyline is so relaxed and heart-wrenching.

“The casual tale of four young men who are passionate about rock music is an important core of this story. I hope everyone will watch and give feedback.

“At least it will be a new lesson for me to continue to improve the quality of the play from time to time,” he added.

Rock Until Jannah tells the story of four young men who are too submissive to rock music.

They were able to emigrate to Kuala Lumpur to prove to the villagers that they were able to succeed in whatever they wanted.

In addition to the four actors concerned, this telefilm also stars Didi Zakil, Rosnah Johari, Lan Siro and Zuhairi Ibrahim.

Talking about the experience of working together with other big names, Amin Haridz admitted that he was happy to be able to gain new knowledge from them.

“When they work together with big names, they help a lot to beautify the quality of the play. That’s why I get excited every time I enter the set.

“Most experienced people are not good at providing tips and guidance. As a newcomer, I really appreciate and thank them,” he added.

In addition, Amin Haridz will also be involved in portraying a telefilm entitled Waris Muhammad for RTM and a 20-episode drama series for TV3.

source – wilayahku


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