Wincent Drumsticks Go Direct In The UK

Wincent Drumsticks Go Direct In The UK

Wincent Drumsticks is pleased to announce it will now sell its products direct to retailers in the UK with immediate effect. To ensure a smooth transition, Wincent is delighted to name Kim Noakes as their UK Sales Manager.

Wincent has been making quality drumsticks in Sweden since 1992. The company uses a unique, water based, environmentally friendly process ensuring each stick has a satin smooth surface and no cracks. The drumsticks are treated with a special wax formula to make them hard enough to withstand the punishing demands of any drummer. Sold around the globe, each pair of sticks is matched for weight and inspected for straightness of grain.

By going direct, Wincent hopes to build strong, long-lasting relationships directly with its UK retailers and offer them more competitive prices straight from the manufacturer. This bold move is accompanied by a total company rebrand. Plus, Wincent are investing in comprehensive marketing and social media campaigns and will be announcing shortly new artists signings in the UK to further grow their brand visibility.

‘We are passionate about offering all our customers the best service we can,’ said Dan Nylén, founder of Wincent. ‘Direct Distribution will be a more efficient process for our retailers in the UK. It means the company will be able to deliver our products to the retailers on a more timely basis, offer them more competitive prices as well as build a much closer relationship with them.’

Kim Noakes, who until recently worked as Advertising Manager with Rhythm magazine and has more than ten years’ experience in the UK music industry. Noakes said: ‘Wincent Drumsticks are known globally for their quality and durability and I am excited to be joining the team. I look forward to providing positive assistance to both current and future UK retailers helping them grow their sales.’

To find out more about the Wincent range of products please go to
To find out more about stocking Wincent Drumsticks please contact the UK Sales Manager, Kim Noakes, [email protected], 07815 070878.

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