Who will replace Adele at Caesars’ Palace?

Who will replace Adele at Caesars’ Palace?

EXACTLY a week after Adele announced the postponement of her residency concert in Las Vegas, many things are still vague.

The concert series titled “Weekends With Adele” was supposed to start last Friday at The Colosseum at Caesars ’Palace and will run until April 16th.

Sources told CNN, although Caesars issued a statement supporting the Grammy award winner’s decision to postpone the concert, however, the situation behind the scenes was “chaotic.”

“All that remains now is an empty hotel room, angry customers and a lot of extra staff,” the source said.

As of Thursday, the company has not provided information on the new date of the concert series.

Meanwhile, country star Keith Urban is taking some of Adele’s date slots and will hold five additional performances at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace from March 25 to April 2.

“Caesars is looking for an artist to take over Adele’s date, but most artists’ schedules are already full. It’s almost impossible to find a big star filling the void at the last minute,” the source added.

Caesars Entertainment declined to comment on potential replacements for February and early March.

Adele had previously postponed the concert following a positive case of COVID-19 detected among the concert crew and insisted that they had tried everything they could to continue the concert.


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