Who is the “mystery” woman embraced by Shuib Sepahtu’s son?

Who is the “mystery” woman embraced by Shuib Sepahtu’s son?

The daughter of the late Siti Sarah, Dzahira Talita Zahr, 9 is seen already in love with a woman who is said to have accompanied her and made her happy.

However, it leaves a question mark about the mysterious woman’s gesture because through a video shared showing Talita or even friendly with the call Dekta is hugging warmly without revealing her face.

“Dear Aunty, my friend Dekta works… If there is no aunty, she doesn’t want to work … haihhh, luckily aunty isn’t busy, diligent in serving,” wrote the caption in the entry.

On average, they started to guess who the woman was and even some names had been mentioned, among them, actress Wan Sharmila and model Sharifah Rose.

No less, there are those who have ‘blessed’ the woman if it is true that she will be Dekta’s stepmother.

“There are also things he can hug to express his longing … I hope you continue to be strong,” said one of the net residents.

“I hope it’s the best. I hope this new person can love the children of ghosts and shuib like children, “commented one netizen

“You can see that Dekta really misses a mother’s hug …,” said one of the virtual citizens.

Earlier, Shuib had said that he was now friends with a woman but he admitted that their relationship was still not serious.

In fact, his mother also seems to have given her blessing if Shuib wants to get married again.

Shuib and Siti Sarah got married on February 26, 2011 and were blessed with four children.

Siti Sarah passed away on 9 August 2021.


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