Where True American Craftsmanship Meets Modern Innovation

Where True American Craftsmanship Meets Modern Innovation

It is almost inconceivable that a hight-tech aerospace mogul would become one of the greatest minds in guitar design since the birth of the instrument. Such was the case with Charlie Kaman.

Charlie was a darn-good guitar picker who suffered from an incurable obsession: the need to design a better-sounding instrument. As a result, he and a couple of aerospace engineers developed the Ovation roundback. Granted, he could have rested on his laurels, but the engineer in him simply could not sit idle.

Based upon their experiences, Charlie looked for
– a louder and fuller response over the entire playing range
– harmonically rich and balanced
– quickest attack
great projection
– greater clarity and greater sustain
– less feedback while pluged-in
– more loudness volume while unplugged

The solution to these criteria was a carbon top guitar. The top was thinner than any wooden top before (only 1/3) and he replaced the conventional sound hole with multiple, strategically placed sound holes on the sides of the top to increase the vibrating top area.
Charlie once again set out to reinvent the acoustic guitar. He called it Adamas – the Diamond.

In over 55 years of hand crafting Adamas guitars, one thing has never changed – our commitment to building extraordinary and superb instruments with the latest manufacturing techniques and passion.

Handmade in Connecticut, USA, the Adamas represents the pinnacle of guitar making and we would love to show you our brilliant team behind it.

source – Music Instrument News


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