Where is Nasyid Malaysia going?

Where is Nasyid Malaysia going?

HOWEVER popular a nasyid group is in Malaysia, the chance for them to get attention abroad is still seen as very difficult.

The same is the fate of organizing nasyid concerts which sometimes get well received and sometimes seem to be ostracized by the community and their own followers.

What are the actual causes and problems that cause this genre that promotes positive and religious values ​​to be taken lightly.

“As an NGO that fights for the fate of nasyid group members in Malaysia, we often wonder and are almost at a loss to find a solution to this polemic”

“Various initiatives have been created including forums, workshops and tours to ensure that the Nasyid scene in Malaysia is on par with other music genres,” said Wan Syahrul Amry bin Wan Mansor, Director of Strategic Communications, Munsyid Malaysia (Malaysian Nasyid Business Council Organisation).

Like Rock, Rap, Dangdut and Hip Hop, Nasyid also belongs to popular genres in the music industry in Malaysia. However, this genre is often considered quiet and lacks commercial coverage.

Nasyid is seen as not developing because he is only able to glorify old big names who can now only be called legends such as Raihan, Hijjaz, Rabbani and Brothers.

Does the stereotype of nasyid that syadid make this genre will not dare to be injected with creative elements and lose its real function as a medium of conveying positive messages, da’wah and useful filling.

Attempts by groups such as UNIC, Inteam, Mestica Daqmie and Rabithah to innovate in performances, works and promotions have yet to steal the public’s attention to become mainstream entertainment.

Nasyid continues to be associated as a preaching medium that is syadid and heavy so that it is marginalized to be the main choice in life.

Malaysian nasyid activists are still struggling to find a formula for success such as Maher Zain, Humood Al Khudder or Mesut Kurtis. Is it an image that needs to be revamped or a script that still hasn’t reached the desired quality.

Support from broadcasting platforms such as Astro Oasis through the production of programs such as Gema Gegar Vaganza and also Radio ZAYAN which promotes the tagline Destinasi Nasyid Anda has actually acted as a trigger for the nasyid genre to be enjoyed more widely and lively.

“For me, Nasyid Malaysia is not going anywhere, it’s just that it has not been experimented to the maximum,” said Wan Syahrul Amry.

Recently, Munsyid Malaysia has just completed the appointment of the Committee for the 2022/2024 session and in the framework of planning for action to ensure that the Malaysian Nasyid genre is more widely accepted in the country and abroad.


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