When the founder of a beauty product recorded a song, this was M. Nasir’s comment

When the founder of a beauty product recorded a song, this was M. Nasir’s comment

SIFU music of the country, Datuk M, Nasir gave an insight on the development of the digital era that triggered changes in the local art industry.

He admitted that the digital platform that has opened up space for non -singers to produce songs has become a trend in Malaysia.

“It’s the culture now, maybe putting pressure on people who are serious about making songs, I think it’s a challenge. When technology changes, the way people use platforms also changes.

“Anyone in the industry has to be prepared whether he changes this or gets used to it,” he said.

The singer of the Nusantara songs said this when met at the Music Copyright Protection Body (MACP) Awards 2021 which took place at The Bee, Publika Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.

Asked whether such a phenomenon could damage the art industry, M. Nasir still could not conclude.

He said the matter should be seen in the next few years.

“For now, composers and singers are complaining about this, the answer is whether such an incident can damage the industry or not, I think we have to wait first maybe in two to three years,” he added.

Speaking about the founder of the product who came up with his own song, M. Nasir did not deny that the matter also had an impact because the size of the entertainment market in Malaysia is not large.

“Our industry is not big, so whatever happens, everyone must be affected, if our market is big it may have less impact,” explained the MACP chairman.

The MACP Awards is an event that recognizes art activists who have contributed a lot of work or work to the development of the local industry.

The event was not held last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic that struck.

Despite being re -organized this year, it was held with a smaller scale of guest attendance in an atmosphere of new norms and adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

MACP royalty revenue is obtained from music performances on television stations, radio, concerts, dinner parties and other organizations licensed under the body.


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