“When mami is gone, we are thrown out”…

“When mami is gone, we are thrown out”…

According to media reports yesterday, family members suspected there were other elements to the deceased’s death after being involved in an accident in Pattani, Thailand three years ago.

One of the videos uploaded by Irdina or affectionately called as ‘Gegirl’ last month has told a brief story about the situation her siblings faced after their mother passed away.

She claimed that the four siblings seemed to be dumped by his stepfather, unlike during his mother’s life where the other four step-siblings were also taken care of by the late.

“When mami (mother’s deceased) was alive, she took care of eight children. Four biological children, four stepchildren (stepfather with old wife). Top to bottom including stepchildren plated in gold and diamonds, luxury brands.

“When my mother was gone, we were dumped and betrayed by the stepfather. My brother was imprisoned, I was kicked out of the house and my sister was not taken care of (another sister is believed to be under the care of her stepfather), ”he wrote.

Through the 11 -second video, Irdina also claimed that her stepfather had started a ‘scandalous’ relationship (who is now his new wife) when her mother’s deceased was still alive.

source – wilayahku


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