What are Gen Z and Millennials most looking for on different social networks?

What are Gen Z and Millennials most looking for on different social networks?

While Gen Z and Gen Y use multiple social platforms, they don’t go to them for the same reasons

ON average, Generation Z and Millennials use six social networks. According to the ‘TikTok Effect’ trend report from YPulse*, 84% of young users say they go to different platforms for different reasons. Some 81% even say that they do not want to see the same content on all social networks, and 65% dislike it when a social network copies another platform in terms of functionality.

Yet, social networks have all developed features to boost online commerce, and this is far from displeasing to younger users. Whether on Instagram (52%), YouTube (43%), Facebook (41%) or Pinterest (50%), users want to discover content about brands and products. Indeed, Meta has doubled down on developing shopping on its social networks.

Influencers confirm their pride of place on social media. The young users surveyed said they wanted to discover content from these figures, particularly on TikTok (58%), Instagram (55%), YouTube (53%), Pinterest (32%) and Twitter (35%).

Celebrities are also widely followed and sought after on all platforms, confirming their influence on TikTok (49%), Instagram (63%), Facebook (32%), Pinterest (25%), Snapchat (30%) and Twitter (48%).

Moreover, 54% of young consumers surveyed in YPulse’s ‘Celebrities and Influencers’ report said that they had already bought a product based on the recommendations of an online celebrity.

While influencer content rides high on YouTube and celebrities rule on Twitter, users on Facebook are more likely looking for content from their families. On Instagram, meanwhile, it’s content from friends that the social users surveyed want to see most.

Humorous memes are much more sought after on TikTok (66%), and are among the most sought-after content on all other platforms: Instagram (51%), YouTube (42%), Facebook (43%), Pinterest (26%); Snapchat (31%) and Twitter (45%). Young users are also attentive to the way brands communicate, with 49% wanting them to offer humorous content.

*YPulse study of over 1,500 users aged 13-39 in the United States and Canada.

source – ETX Daily Up


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