Welcoming baby: Both tired, Mira Filzah and husband apologize

Welcoming baby: Both tired, Mira Filzah and husband apologize

Beautiful actress Mira Filzah expressed that she was tired after a few days of giving birth and asked to be given space for herself and her husband to rest.

Through the Instagram social site, Mira or her full name Nur Amirah Filzah Badioezaman, 29, informed the matter for public viewing.

At the same time, she also apologized for not being able to reply to speeches and messages entrusted to him via phone or social media.

“Both are tired. I will provide the latest developments from time to time, God willing when everything is slowly getting back to normal.
“I can’t reply to messages one by one via WhatsApp or Instagram. Forgive me, ”she said, which was uploaded on IG Story.

Through the transmission, the Chandelier drama actress also shared a photo of her husband, Wan Emir Astar Wan Mohammad Khair-il Anuar who was sleeping while accompanying her, believed to be in hospital.

In a different post, Wan Emir shared a photo of himself holding a newborn baby boy as well as the latest state of Mira smiling while holding their eldest son.

On May 10, Mira and her husband celebrated the birth of a baby boy at around 3.40 am at one of the medical centers in Kuala Lumpur.

Specially, the baby boy who is called Baby W also shared his date of birth with Mira according to the Islamic calendar, which is on 9 Syawal.

The couple got married on September 3, 2020.

source – Gempak


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