Watch out for fake ChatGPT apps

Watch out for fake ChatGPT apps

Most collect personal data of users but also information about user’s device

FOLLOWING the success of ChatGPT, many dubious mobile applications are springing up in the App Store and on Google Play, often built to collect data without users’ knowledge.

While OpenAI, the publisher of ChatGPT, is planning to launch a mobile application of its now unavoidable AI chatbot, others have gotten there first, already offering alternatives in the form of clone apps offering varying degrees of seriousness and security.

The Top10VPN website has listed 10 of them, called TalkGPT, Open Chat, Chatteo or Chat GPT AI on Android, or Chat w. GPT AI, Alfred-Chat with GPT 3 and Wiz AI Chat Bot Writing Helper on iOS.

Most of these clone applications collect the personal data of their users but also information about the user’s device, such as the screen size or the name of the mobile operator. Not to mention that some of these apps proffer paid-for solutions, whereas ChatGPT can be used free of charge on its official website.

So beware of any application that promises you technology based on or close to that of ChatGPT. In any case, in terms of performance, none of them come close to the original!

source – ETX Daily Up

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