Wanting to save, husband and wife lost RM10,000 due to IPTV application

Wanting to save, husband and wife lost RM10,000 due to IPTV application

STORIES of online fraud are becoming more prevalent every day. This is because there are still parties who are not gullible and are easily deceived by offers that are too good to be true.

Recently, a woman known as Aisyah Nasri shared her experience that she and her husband were left with white eyes after RM10,000 in her bank account was lost due to being tricked into buying an illegal streaming TV box.

Through sharing on Facebook, she initially planned to end his Astro subscription and move to the IPTV service advertised on the social media site.

“It happened last August 10 when I was trying to find an IPTV service application because I said I wanted to end my Astro subscription, because I rarely watch Astro at home.

“I tried to search for the application on Facebook and came across the account of the owner of ‘Premium TV 5G’, but now the page is not found, maybe someone has made a report.

“As soon as I started a conversation with the seller, the individual gave me an application to download via WhatsApp,” she said.

However, since the application cannot be downloaded by her smartphone, she sends the application to her husband’s number for registration and payment purposes.

“After registering, we tried to make a payment using the online banking platform but the attempt was unsuccessful after two attempts.

“I also tried to use my husband’s account, but it still didn’t work so we left it alone.

“Then on August 11 at about 10pm, I found that the money in my bank account had disappeared and it was found that I had made two transactions to my husband’s account amounting to RM5,000,” she added.

Aisyah then contacted the bank and the officer on duty asked if she had downloaded any applications, and from there she could smell that she had been scammed.

“It is true that I have been ‘scammed’, the application contained ‘malware’ because when we tried to make a payment, from there the ‘scammer’ was able to detect the password of our banking platform.

“Apparently when my husband made a search related to this IPTV service application syndicate, it was not something new,” explained Aisyah who was relieved by the fate that befell her.

The country’s broadcasting industry suffers losses of over RM3 billion a year due to illegal streaming and piracy activities.

According to Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (JSJK) Director Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din, the public is also not aware that they are exposed to personal data leakage through the use of illegal streaming.

Illegal streaming is an offense under Section 41 (1) of the Copyright Act and if convicted, can be fined up to RM200,000 or imprisoned for up to 20 years or both

source – Faris Danial Razi


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