Soundstr MDM leverages AI to identify recorded and live music in venues

NEW YORK, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today VNUE, Inc. (OTC:VNUE) is announcing the newest and most advanced version of its Soundstr audio recognition and identification platform product, Soundstr MDM. VNUE, through significant investment and engineering advancement over the last quarter has finalized initial delivery of the music industry’s first music performance identification facility which detects and identifies recorded feature music in venues as well as live music performances.

The Soundstr Music Data Market, Soundstr MDM, delivers rich analytics for music usage reporting across a wide array of clients, including venue owners, radio station management, music performers, music labels and publishers, and rights administration clients. Sampling, streaming, and live detection capabilities are now developed producing client and usage-specific reports representing analytics across multiple music report types.

Highlighting the Soundstr MDM platform functionality is the industry’s first live music performance identification capability, a fundamental AI-powered facet of the platform. Live music identification as a service fills a significant gap for performing rights organizations, venue owners, and other participants in the rights management lifecycle. Live music is sampled and through a trained machine learning engine, ever-improving identifications are produced based on VNUE’s proprietary similarity assessment techniques.

The Soundstr MDM product is delivered as a DaaS (Data as a Service) solution, utilizing both a VNUE-produced physical device for autonomous sampling which can be deployed within a music performance environment, such as a live music venue – and a streaming music delivery interpretative service to ingest digital music feeds for recognition. Both methods manage multiple identification types, including exact music time stamping, exact music matching, silence identification, non-music recognition, speech or talking IDs, and various PRO and admin client defined usages via APIs.

VNUE is working with an initial set of customers to train and refine the Soundstr MDM facilities, which include over 70 million fingerprint tracks, to support music use auditing, attribution across performing rights organizations, learning facilities for continuously improving ID results, and more.

Zach Bair, VNUE CEO, described this significant engineering delivery: “VNUE has built the cornerstone technology for a new music administration service for the industry. With the Soundstr MDM offering, we can deliver value to a cross section of clients including venue owners using music, music industry professionals looking to understand both feature and live music usage in bricks and mortar locations, and a cross section of music rights holders and rights administration organizations.”

For more information and requests for Soundstr MDM customer tests, please email contact (AT) vnue (DOT) com.

About VNUE, Inc. (
VNUE, Inc., (OTC: VNUE) is a cutting-edge music technology company dedicated to further monetizing the live music experience for artists, writers, labels, publishers, fans, venues, and all stakeholders by creating new and exciting live music experiences, and by working to ensure the correct rights holders are being fairly compensated. The company is the exclusive licensee of DiscLive Network (, the pioneer in “instant live” recording, and the owner and operator of (, our innovative “instant” music delivery app platform. VNUE is also rolling out disruptive technology called Soundstr (, a cloud-based platform utilizing AI and other means which identifies music played in bars, restaurants, radio stations, and other businesses, and will ensure these businesses pay only their fair share for music licensing, while at the same time, ensuring songwriters and artists are paid for their work – creating a fully transparent performing rights ecosystem. The VNUE team is led by CEO and Chairman Zach Bair, a veteran music and tech entrepreneur and recording artist ( VNUE is made up of a group of technologists, artists, songwriters, performing musicians, music and touring executives, and of course fans, who are passionate about the future of the music industry.


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