Visitors to Irama Beach are wary of big waves and strong winds

Visitors to Irama Beach are wary of big waves and strong winds

BACHOK: Visitors to Pantai Irama here take precautionary measures when at the tourist location due to large waves and strong winds.

Sinar Harian ‘s survey found visitors reduced by up to 90 percent while six Coast Guard Officers from the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) patrolled the 800-meter-long location on the beach.

In addition, a red flag was hoisted as a warning sign of danger to visitors.

APM members raised the flag as a warning sign of dangerous coastal conditions.

A farmer, Shahir Mohamood, 37, said he stopped by the beach with his two sons aged four and two to see for himself the condition of the waves during the Northeast Monsoon.

“Waves occur about 100 meters inland compared to normal conditions.

“For safety, I will not be at the beach for a long time at this time,” he said .

Meanwhile, a restaurant worker, Nur Ain’na Jusriman, 22, said that tourists still visit the restaurants on the beach, but not many dare to go near the beach because of the fear of strong waves hitting the rock cliffs.

“The cliff built by the state government was originally on the mainland, but now it has sunk due to the big waves that happened. The Irama Bachok Beach name sign has also been destroyed due to strong winds.

“The condition of these waves will be stronger hitting the beach at midnight until it overflows into the food stalls on the coast,” he said.

Meanwhile, a housewife, Mas Hamid, 44, said, as a native of the coastal area in Bachok, she was used to the phenomenon of big waves that occur every year.

“Residents already know and understand the dangerous condition of the beach at this time. No one dares to play in the water or bathe even on the beach.

“Measures are taken to avoid drowning incidents and even avoid the risk of being hit by fallen trees during strong winds,” she said.

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