Visitors are reprimanded for taking flowers at the Floria Festival

Visitors are reprimanded for taking flowers at the Floria Festival


That was among the reactions of a handful of social media users referring to the actions of irresponsible visitors picking and taking flowers at the Floria Putrajaya festival which is ongoing until September 11.

Through a post uploaded on Royal Floria Putrajaya’s official Facebook, the management advised the public not to ‘steal’ the trees that were exhibited at the party held at Anjung Floria, Putrajaya.

“Visitors to Royal Floria Putrajaya are requested not to take flowers from Anjung Floria.

“So that visitors who will come until September 11, 2022 also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and beauty of the flowers that are still on display at Floria,” wrote the operator of the account.

The post involved got the attention of netizens who were also disappointed with the morals and selfish actions.

“It’s a shame, they gave you free entry. Go shoot those trees.

“That’s why everything on this earth should be paid for, let there be a sense of appreciating it.

“What a thing. Interested in flowers but stealing.

“Be patient. Wait for the announcement that you can take it, it’s okay if you want to bring a truck. It’s not Floria’s side that never gives,” some users wrote on social media.

A festival that showcases various species and flowers as well as decorative plants, Floria Diraja Putrajaya 2022 at Anjung Floria, Precinct 4, Putrajaya which was supposed to end last weekend has been extended until September 11 following the overwhelming response from the public.

Themed Floria Hebat with orchids as the theme flower, the latest edition of the festival brings together about 10,000 orchids on display with more than 400,000 trees of various species.

source – Gempak

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