Visiting, shopping for transgender people in Surabaya, Ebit Lew’s efforts get praise

Visiting, shopping for transgender people in Surabaya, Ebit Lew’s efforts get praise

INDEPENDENT PREACHER, Ustaz Ebit Lew shared on Instagram about his pilgrimage to the ‘dark alley’ to meet transgender people in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Through the update, Ebit revealed that some of the transgender people there started working there around the age of 14 and some also did so to support their families.
“(Hours) 12 last night I visited a transgender / mak nyah who works in a dark alley in Surabaya.

“As soon as I arrived I greeted them and talked to them and preached faith to them.

“They said ‘eh, this is Ebit lew yer? Who bribes yer punk kids to eat? What a dream to meet here’.

“Talking for a while, it seemed that there were tears even in the dark alley there. Some have been working in the alley for 14 years until now. Some support a paralyzed mother.

“There are all kinds of stories behind them. I tell the story of God loves us give us faith. We all do not yet know our final fate there.

“I and we are working together for the hereafter. Take care of your prayers and parents and stay away from what is haram,” he wrote.

Later, Ebit tells that he invited them to dinner together and in turn invites them to ask questions about anything they want to know.

“They asked about prayers and others. Prayers. I keep saying tonight all holidays are possible. I want to buy food at the hotel and can ask anything. They are happy to follow.

“Arriving at the hotel, they had many questions and expressions. What is halal is halal. What is forbidden remains forbidden. The main thing is our effort to get close to God and carry it out.

“Some say how do you want to start looking for halal sustenance. Want to be close to Allah. Longing for Allah. Leaving the haram.

“They cry when I bribe and share the story of faith with love. Even for a moment it feels close and like friends.

“Alhamdulillah can share knowledge, advice and love.

“They said we haven’t heard all this for a long time. Never felt in life being treated like this and advised like this.

“We shared advice and learned to pray until close to dawn. They listened intently and diligently,” he said.

Through the comments section, many were touched to see the approach used by Ebit to share stories with the group.

“Masya-Allah, the ustaz’s da’wah is gentle and embracing. Masya-Allah… May the guidance for them not be wasted, amen, ”wrote a netizen.

“Oh God, may they be given the facility to return to their nature. Amin ya rabbal alamin, ”prayed another social media user.

“Thank you ustaz, deep in their hearts, there must be a feeling of wanting to change, we cannot value them from the outside, they are also normal human beings, every human being does not run away from making mistakes.

“The important thing is that we have the effort to change into a better person from time to time.

“May all their affairs be simplified and may God move their hearts and open the doors of their hearts to change for the better,” shared an Ebit follower.

source – Gempak

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