Viral story of Adik Akid’s house collapsed, Ustaz Ebit Lew kept coming to help

Viral story of Adik Akid’s house collapsed, Ustaz Ebit Lew kept coming to help

YESTERDAY, a video of a child known as Adik Akid crying due to a poor house and no fixed source of income caused many to lose weight.

Cooking is not, looking at the state of the destitute shelter, anyone who is not tearful and touched remembers the fate of the child in the future.

Looking at the situation of Adik Akid and his family, the independent preacher, Ustaz Ebit Lew did not miss to go down to the field and help Adik Akid and his family to get a more comfortable home.

“Akid’s brother is crying. Don’t be sad. We have God. Thankfully we will build a new home for Akid. Keep buying all the items to make a new home. Two hours to finish buying and paying for all the items to build the house.

“After Subuh, go out of the house. 7.30 this morning continued to fly from Subang to Kota Bharu. Continue to Akid’s brother’s house, “wrote Ebit Lew on Instagram.

In the meantime, Adik Akid also said that he was overwhelmed because Ebit Lew came to his house and helped himself, just like other people who always receive help from Ebit.

“I’m an ordinary person, little brother. Good man’s brother. God loves you. Many people care about your sister. Everyone loves my sister, “wrote Ebit again.

Through the comments section, many gave positive feedback on Ebit Lew’s efforts in helping those in need.

“Ustaz, I was the one who cried when I saw Ustaz go and help Adik Akid. Thank you for the help of ustaz for Adik Akid. May Allah always reduce Ustaz’s sustenance, ”wrote a netizen.

“Ya Allah. I’m jealous of UEL. If I’m as rich as he is, I won’t be able to do what he does. Keep inspiring Master. God loves us all, ”said another follower of Ebit Lew.

source – Gempak

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