Vintage Introduce Coaster Series Electric & Bass Guitars Along With Coaster Series Guitar Pack

Vintage Introduce Coaster Series Electric & Bass Guitars Along With Coaster Series Guitar Pack

The new Vintage® Coaster Series™ of guitars and basses are offered in 6 classic single and twin cutaway body styles in a host of exciting colours and left-handed options, and feature Vintage’s renowned craftsmanship, exceptional playability, time tested hardware and sonic versatility that have indeed, earned the Vintage brand enormous respect from musicians and the music media around the world.

The pickups for the Coaster Series have been specifically designed by none other than the legendary British guitar builder and designer Alan Entwistle, custom wound with high grade copper wire and dipped in high viscosity wax to isolate and protect the coils from moisture and reducing microphonic feedback issues, whilst delivering exceptional clarity and a full range of tonal response that’s perfect for all kinds of music, from country to blues, from pop to hard rock.

Vintage Coaster Series V60 Vintage Coaster Series V20

The Vintage Coaster solid bodied twin cutaway V60 (£199 rrp) electric guitar fitted with 3 Entwistle X1 single coil pickups comes with a stunning finish, 3-ply scratchplate and chrome hardware, and is available in 6 colours; Gloss Black, Candy Apple Blue, 3 Tone Sunburst, Vintage White, Gloss Red and Laguna Blue.

The single cutaway V20 (£179 rrp) also with a fast 22-fret rosewood fingerboard inlaid with dot position markers, bolt-on maple neck, solid tonewood body, and a pair of Entwistle X4 and X4B single coils, delivers all the classic chime and charm associated with single coil guitars.

Vintage Coaster Series V10 Vintage Coaster Series V69

With a choice of beautiful finishes, both the single cutaway V10 (£279 rrp) and double cut V69 (£249 rrp) with set necks, 22 fret rosewood fingerboards and Entwistle X2C double coil pickups, deliver a warm mellow output from their neck pickups whilst the bridge units effortlessly deliver soaring lead lines with a biting edged attack.

Vintage Coaster Series V40 Bass Vintage Coaster Series V49 Bass

Vintage Coaster V495 Bass

For bass players, the highly inspirational Vintage Coaster Series is available with a choice of three models, the V40 (£219 rrp) 4 string with a rosewood fingerboard and Entwistle XPC split single coil pickups while the V49 (£219 rrp) 4 string sports two Entwistle XJC single coils. The 5 string V495 (£229 rrp) switches to a maple board. All models are offered with a selection of excellent colours and cosmetics, with the Entwistle pickups delivering tight, natural piano-like tones, with a fine balance of high, mid and low frequencies.

Vintage Coaster Series Guitar & Bass Packs

All of the new Vintage Coaster Series guitars and basses are also available in self contained, fully equipped, Vintage Coaster Series Guitar Packs featuring everything required for aspiring guitar and bass players of all ages.

Each Coaster Series Electric Guitar Pack includes a Vintage branded padded carry bag, strap, cable, pick, clip-on tuner and spare set of strings, along with a Kinsman 10watt combo amplifier with Gain Control, push button Drive/Clean, 3-band EQ for guitar.

The Bass Packs come complete with Vintage branded padded carry bag, strap, cable, pick, clip-on tuner and a Kinsman 10watt bass combo amplifier with Master Volume control and 3-band EQ and, for silent practicing, both combo amplifiers feature a handy headphone socket.

With so many excellent appointments normally found on guitars and accessories at much higher price points, the Vintage Coaster Series Guitar & Bass Packs offer a lot more than just an exciting choice as a first ‘serious’ rock guitar outfit.

All the guitar and bass packs come in an attractive colour carton.

V10 Guitar Pack £389 rrp.
V20 Guitar Pack £289 rrp.
V60 Guitar Pack £299 rrp.
V69 Guitar Pack £349 rrp.
V40 Bass Pack £329 rrp.
V49 Bass Pack £329 rrp.
V495 Bass Pack £339 rrp.

Vintage Guitars are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS.

source – Music Instrument News

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