vidThat – Instant Video Shared Instantly

vidThat – Instant Video Shared Instantly

Create and Share Video Messages Privately

TORONTO, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a short time, at over 4,000 installs globally from the App Store, vidThat is on a mission to transform, simplify and inspire visual communication towards achieving better understood messaging with beautiful short videos made superfast on the iPhone. Turn any image(s) on the iPhone into instant video and immediately synchronize with a user’s voice: then quickly send the message on the vidThat instant messenger. Imagine video made with still images looking like it was originally recorded as quality video.

Instantly Auto Reply to Any Video
Our proprietary video file system lets your friends and teammates, immediately video-reply to your video messages that you sent them through vidThat. This automatically deploys the same visual assets (still images and/or a variety of short video clips) from the video that you originally sent. Your contact can use these assets for their own instant video reply. This back-and-forth video sharing will inspire you and your friends to collaborate more easily on anything and in addition, effortlessly cocreate any video.

Instant Voice-To-Text Transcription on All Video
Your voice is automatically shown as a text caption on any video you make with vidThat. If you choose, you can make slight or major changes to the sound of your recorded voice. To get the best representation of your video message inside the vidThat Video Messenger; you can quickly select from the many pre-set filters and apply to your video image thumbnail which is shown in the vidThat Video Messenger.

Instantly Scale and Automate Video Creation
Our save to draft system automates your video creation, where the same visual content is a requirement for multiple voice recordings. Your productivity will transform as you effortlessly scale your personal touch with all your contacts.

Video Made Easy
vidThat is currently free in the App Store, and vidThat will help everyone use visual and audio storytelling in the fastest and easiest way possible inside what is believed to be the world’s first instant videoization messenger. vidThat iOS is grateful to be funded and supported by the Canada Media Fund.


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