Veteran Indonesian actress Rima Melati dies

Veteran Indonesian actress Rima Melati dies

JAKARTA: Indonesia lost famous veteran actress, Rima Melati who passed away around 3.25pm ​​on Thursday.

Rima breathed her last at the age of 84 years at Gatot Soebroto Hospital, Jakarta.

The sad news was confirmed by his son, Aditya Tumbuan, as reported by a local news portal.

Before exhaling her last breath, Rima underwent treatment at the hospital.

Rima, who is from Tondano, North Sulawesi, was born with the name Marjolien Tambajong.

Throughout her life, she forged glory as an actress, singer, director and model.

Rima follows in the footsteps of her mother, Non Kawilarang, who is one of the pioneers of the modeling world in the country.

One of Rima’s highest achievements during her career as an artist was winning the Citra Cup award in 1973 for her performance in the film Intan Berduri with Benyamin Sueb.

Citra Cup is the highest award for Indonesian film employees.

She has also appeared in 100 films including White Butterflies, Silver Love, and Dad, Why Am I Different ?.

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