Veteran actress Sylvia Syms has died

Veteran actress Sylvia Syms has died

Veteran British actress Sylvia Syms died at the age of 89 on Friday.

According to a statement from the late Beatie and Ben Edney’s daughter, Sylvia: “Our mother, Sylvia, passed away peacefully this morning.

“The deceased lived an amazing life and gave us joy and laughter until the end of her life.

“Just yesterday we reminisced about all our life journeys.

“Late mother will always be missed.”

The cause of Sylvia’s death, however, was not announced.

Sylvia was born in London on January 6, 1934.

The star of the theater and silver screen for six decades rose to fame in the 1950s with the film “Ice Cold in Alex”.

Additionally, Sylvia has been nominated for Bafta Awards for “Woman in a Dressing Gown” and “No Trees in the Street”.

She later became involved in TV shows such as “Peak Practice” and “EastEnders”.

In 1991, Sylvia played the former prime minister in “Thatcher: The Final Days ITV” and then the Queen Mother in “The Queen” with Helen Mirren in 2006.

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