“Ventura” music video by Gabó leans on poetic and cinematic imagery

“Ventura” music video by Gabó leans on poetic and cinematic imagery

MIAMI, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Intriguing and sensual images are intertwined in the upcoming music video “Ventura” by Electronic artist Gabó, directed by filmmaker Natasha Babenko. The song is the third track form the Southern California-inspired album Before Twilight (late 2021).

The video loosely portrays a woman in a trip from Ventura to Los Angeles, submerged in memories and daydreaming, both haunting and beautiful. The expansive views and intimate images create a visual rendition of the music’s voyage.

About Gabó
Gabó’s musical journey started in his native Venezuela, playing and studying Jazz, Latin American, and Pop standards on the electric organ. Later, he started to create sounds with synthesizers, while formally studying the keyboard, the drum-set, and playing in a band with high-school friends. Following several college years, he seized the opportunity to expand his musical education at Berklee College of Music (Boston), earning a degree (with honors) in Music Technology.

While in Boston, courses in film and music at the Massachusetts College of Art deepened his curiosity in the relationship between the moving image and music. Years later, after having worked creating music for independent film and TV, he decided to further study Classical music and Film music in Paris, France.

In Paris, while completing his Film Scoring diploma at “L’Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot,” he performed live Electronic music at various venues. He also participated in film festivals, both as a guest new composer and as an attendee, developing his cinematic eye. This interest, also lead him to collaborate with video and multimedia artists to produce video installations and performances.

Back in the USA, he drew inspiration from landscapes to complete most of his albums, he has also continued to create soundtracks for films, and he has done several performances of Electronic music for Classic films. Currently, although most of his productions remain instrumental, collaborations with vocalists are more frequent. He works between New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit: gabomusic.com or contact [email protected]

YouTube: youtube.com/gabomusica
Instagram: @gabomusiq
Bandcamp: gabomusic
Twitter: @gabomusica
Facebook: @gabomusiq

SOURCE – Eclectic Muse


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