Veena Kapoor who was previously reported to have died was still alive

Veena Kapoor who was previously reported to have died was still alive

Bollywood actress Veena Kapoor who was previously reported to have died as a result of being killed by her son was still alive.

Because of that too, Veena came forward to explain that what happened was actually just a misunderstanding.

Not waiting long, this veteran actress also filed a complaint with the police about the false report that caused her to go viral.

While filing the report, Veena was present accompanied by her son who lives with her.

In the statement, Veena informed that the murdered woman was someone else despite having the same name as her.

“This is fake news. Actually there was a Veena Kapoor and she was killed. But I am not the Veena Kapoor.

“I am a different person, only the name is the same but I live in Goregaon not Juhu. I also live with my son so that’s why people think that this is Veena Kapoor.

“I want to tell you that I am alive, well and not dead. Don’t believe fake news,” she explained.

Veena added, because the fake news also made her unable to focus and interfered with her work.

“If we don’t file a complaint now then the same thing will happen to other people as well.

“The mental torture that took place, mixed with repeated calls day and night, even while I was filming.

“That thing spoils the mood and I can’t give full focus when working,” she said.

Earlier, the media reported that Veena was killed by her own son.

According to a Zee News report, the 74-year-old deceased was killed in a fight involving property.

Veena is believed to have been severely beaten with a baseball bat, after a fight with her son who previously resided in the United States (US).

The authorities informed that the son confessed to killing his mother only because of a disagreement involving real estate worth RM6.4 million.

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