Various programs, new dramas at Astro in conjunction with ‘Semangat Lebaran Kita’

Various programs, new dramas at Astro in conjunction with ‘Semangat Lebaran Kita’

KUALA LUMPUR: Themed “Semangat Lebaran Kita”, Astro viewers and customers will see various interesting program content in conjunction with Ramadan which will be celebrated soon.

According to Astro Malay Channel Business Vice President, Azlin Reza Azmi, as a popular local pay television service provider, Astro not only provides programs for television broadcasts, but also involves other media platforms such as radio and digital including applications.

To liven up the theme of “Semangat Lebaran Kita” for the month of Ramadan, Astro will involve all existing platforms by featuring various forms of new quality programs.

“Among the content that will be brought to Malaysians are drama, comedy, spirituality, international programs and On Demand ,” he said in the Ramadan Astro press conference on Wednesday.

In addition, Azlin Reza said, Astro also screened several new dramas that were taken from great scripts and lined up with big names in the country’s art industry.

He said, among the dramas that will be screened at Astro are Jangan Menangis Cinta , a great combination of actors Remy Ishak and Amyra Rosli and Dendam Seorang Isteri starring Fasha Sandha, Nad Zainal, Aidit Noh and Wan Raja.

“Not to be missed, Astro also provides special content for children during the month of Ramadan.

“Among the programs that will be broadcast are Hafiz and Hafizan animations as well as Salam Skuad which will meet the audience nationwide starting April 15,” he explained.

In the meantime, Azlin Reza also introduced the Ramadan Astro ambassadors who will interact with the audience through their respective social media sites.

Among the ambassadors include Danial Zaini, Errisa Puteri, Hun Haqeem, Wani Kayrie and 2020 Youth Hero champion, Nadhir Nasar.

source – Ashraf Roslan

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