Vanidah Imran is now the wife of an engineer

Vanidah Imran is now the wife of an engineer

KUALA LUMPUR: There is nothing that makes the famous actress, Vanidah Imran happy and joyful other than being allowed by Allah to return to take on the responsibilities as a wife.

Vanidah, 49, and Arifabillah, 43, were united in a simple yet meaningful ceremony attended by 50 guests comprising family members and close acquaintances.

Vanidah said she was grateful because she was destined to meet Arifabillah, who is also an engineer and a national wrestler.

“God’s rule is very beautiful. Everything went smoothly from the moment we met, close until entering the phase of mutual understanding that our hearts are already linked to each other. Today, I am officially his wife. I am really grateful, ”Vanidah told Astro AWANI .

Vanidah and Arifabillah’s wedding ceremony was conducted by the Registrar of Divorce Marriages, Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI), Ustaz Muhammad Fairudz Saderi with Vanidah’s younger brother, Johan Imran, at a premises in Titawangsa here today.

Vanidah and Arifabillah agreed not to share the remittance amount to meet the family’s request.

The actress also received a dowry in the form of a gold chain from her husband in addition to each returning two delivery trays.

During the marriage ceremony, Vanidah wore a dress designed by Rizman Ruzaini and make -up by Syed Faizal.

Realizing to return to the responsibilities of being a wife again is not an easy thing, however, with the blessings of the whole family and the support of friends, the desire is made easier.

“Honestly the only ones who know me and Arifabillah have a special relationship are only close friends besides family and my two children, Mikail Aimran and Maryam Rashika.

“Even close friends only informed me a few days before the wedding. Some of them were shocked by this news, but in time they were happy with the decision made,” she added.

Vanidah said, to be honest, she was happy and grateful for meeting a mate with Arifabillah who has similarities with her.

Clearly Vanidah, she and her husband, experienced through failure in their first marriage and were blessed with children, therefore, understanding is easier to achieve.

“We were once married. Each of us had been through the experience of married life. He was previously a widower to four light eyes.

“So the most important thing in deciding to build our mosque, the feelings and hearts of the children must be given priority,” said Vanidah who is currently working as a lecturer at the College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

The couple will also be celebrated in a reception tonight specifically for their immediate family and close friends.

Meanwhile, Arifabillah also expressed his gratitude for his and Vanidah’s intention to legalize the relationship with the blessings of the family.

“Alhamdulillah, thank God everything went smoothly. Pray for our marriage to be blessed and will last until the end of our lives,” he said.

As a mature and experienced couple through failure in their first marriage, Arifabillah hopes, the union of him and Vanidah will result in lasting happiness.

Arifabillah also stressed that he would never stop Vanidah from pursuing her art career.

“I have to respect and understand his art career. I am also sure my wife knows what the priorities are in her life. Therefore, I will continue to support her,” said Arifabillah.

source – Saharudin Musthafa

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