Vanessa Reynauld, Pasya continues the song Halaman Asmara

Vanessa Reynauld, Pasya continues the song Halaman Asmara

TIMES change with the times, but the song ‘Halaman Asmara’ sung by Datuk Awie and Ziana Zain continues to be an iconic work and not outdated. Every year, especially before Aidiladha, the song will definitely be an option for play on the radio.

In fact, ‘Halaman Asmara’ is also symbolic of how great the work of local ballads has been since time immemorial. That is why it is called iconic, especially since the duet of Datuk Awie and Ziana Zain is so solid and perfectly united.

Thus, the responsibility of singers Vanessa Reyauld and Pasya to sing the new version of ‘Halaman Asrama’ is heavy enough to bear. Which is not the case, the original version is already too great and unmatched.

Admitting that she was a bit worried about being given the mandate, Vanessa or her real name is Vanessa Ben Reynauld, 22, said she still dared to challenge herself. In fact, the feeling of excitement and pride surpassed his heartbeat.

“Personally, I really like this song and I think it doesn’t sound like a hymn but more of a big ballad. When I found out that I had a duet with Pasya for the song ‘Halaman Asmara’, I was excited to be the successor of the legacy because this song is really iconic.

“Every song I bring, I try to understand the lyrics and the storyline before singing it. I want to inject my own feelings into the song so that even the listeners can feel what they should feel, ”he said.

Vanessa revealed that the project to re -record the new version of ‘Halaman Asmara’ with Pasya was not planned. The idea of ​​singing hymns in a duet happened spontaneously during the fasting month.

In fact, he continued to agree only because he already knew Pasya’s singing style and vocal ability. Still, he admits the main challenge is not on the ability to reach high notes, but rather more than that.

“We all know this is a song that is quite challenging vocally and fortunately our vocals are wide. To achieve his notes is not a problem but what challenges him is trying to run away from the identity of the original singer, ”he said.

According to Pasya or his real name is Faizul Asyraf Fauzi, 28, he is also honestly not worried because he is a hardcore fan of the song ‘Halaman Asmara’. Being able to re -sing this very iconic song made her overwhelmed and excited.

Sharing his recording process, Pasya is thankful that it is not difficult for him to appreciate this song well in the studio. She was also honored to be matched with Vanessa for this pretty meaningful project.

“In terms of appreciation, the festive mood has indeed arrived because the recording process of this song was also recorded in the month of Ramadan. Coincidentally, it is ahead of the Aidiladha celebration.

“Vanessa is also a singer who for me is quite experienced. She has a variety of voice colors in her singing. That is a special advantage for him because he not only has a strong vocal but also very versatile, ”he said.

Pasya does not deny that he is upset if the new version of ‘Halaman Asmara’ will be overshadowed by the original version. However, he believes that their own uniqueness has been injected into them in bringing the song to life so that it looks fresher.

“The comparison is the scariest. But must be prepared for that cause there must be someone to compare. Regardless, I personally don’t think it’s appropriate to compare us dwarfs with the original singer, “he said.

These two shining singers are quite impressive in their achievements since stepping on the local music industry. In addition to having great vocals, Vanessa was once selected for the Equal campaign by the world -renowned digital streaming platform, Spotify.

Vanessa’s face was also plastered on an iconic billboard in New York Times Square, USA. Apart from that, his duet song with Naqiu titled Rindu Separuh Nyawa managed to grab double platinum within a year.

Meanwhile, Pasya managed to be crowned the third place in the reality singing program, Lagu Cinta Kita season three (LCK3). Although not a champion, Pasya’s name deserves to be on the lips of fans due to his unique vocals.

‘Halaman Asmara’ can be enjoyed through all selected music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Deezer, JOOX, KKBox, Spotify, Youtube & Youtube Music.

source – wilayahku

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